Conflict Analysis and Assessment

This important part of any mediator’s work expanded in scope when I began working in university settings. (See link to Recent Developments).

I have worked with academic leadership in many faculties since 2009 to assist them in grappling with serious conflict within their departments. I also work closely with Human Resources in many instances. After I meet with and interview parties in dispute, my work involves meeting with the Head/Dean/Associate Dean/HR Manager to report out and strategize next steps. Together we tailor a dispute resolution process designed specifically for these particular users. Sometimes the conflict is very complicated and needs to be addressed via a number of streams. Other strategies may involve working with coaches, a facilitated group session, mediation, working the “back channels” or structural changes.

My work as a troubleshooter is a simpler version of the larger piece just described. One these occasions, I spend an hour with an academic leader/ administrative manager/ HR manager to explore a particular conflict and together consider ways to tackle it.